New beginnings

It’s ok to have as many new beginnings as you want. I chose to start fresh from all things after my vacation ends. I shall work in a way that I haven’t. I shall process my thoughts in a way that I had forgotten. I shall complete tasks that I haven’t finished. I shall execute … More New beginnings

whats the hype about these new coffee machines?????

// i have not jumped on the keurig train just yet but i plan on so lately i have been doing a lot of research on the product on many different sites like Walmart amazon and many more just to check out the reviews and i noticed that the keurig is the new millennium coffee … More whats the hype about these new coffee machines?????

Tax season again

Either you are paying back or getting back!!! I myself don’t look forward to tax season at all because I always pay back but I shop throughout the year so there’s nothing I’m waiting to buy! The next thing about tax season people who get back money tends to fill the the streets and the … More Tax season again

think quick

Donald trump woke me up even though i was already awoke. After election time reality hit so hard. If you don’t have a hustle you better get one. Trumps idea of making america great again is whats going to have most Americans feeling the pain due to finances. there is a upside to it of … More think quick

Today’s priority

I Love ❤️ sneakers 👟. The therapy that is tied into you buying a new pair of sneakers is amazing 😉. Some people purchase the most expensive shoes just to say they bought them or because that’s how they fit in. In my case it’s totally different shoes in general makes me feel different not … More Today’s priority


The older you get the more responsibility you seem to gather. There has to be at least  one hour of your day that you can just stop whatever it is that you may be doing and dig deep into your thoughts and put life into perspective.